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D.I.Y Jar


(USD billed annually)

($15 billed monthly)

The ideal Jar for small businesses selling a small range of products. The D.I.Y jar allows you to download and install yourself

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Free HostJars Module

With our Managed Jar plan you can choose one of our popular Import or Export tools to supercharge your OpenCart store. With Total Import PRO you can keep your products up to date with ease.

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Advanced Option Import

Experienced Support Team

HostJars has over 6 years experience using OpenCart and our support team is confident that they can resolve any issue you have with your OpenCart store.

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Let us manage your store for you

Don't spend your valuable time keeping your OpenCart store up to date and secure, leave the details to our team and spend your time where it matters, running your online business.

"Very Impressive support, I have done business with HostJars for about 5 years now, Justin and Matt are incredible with their knowledge and skill. I would recommend HostJars to anyone as I already do. Thanks for everything!"


Custom CSV Script

With the Managed Jar plan we will install OpenCart for you so you have a live online store ready to go.
With our D.I.Y Jar plan you will have FTP access for your server which allows you to completely customize every aspect of your store. We do not offer FTP access for our Managed Jar plans. If you need to modify files on your server then let our support team know and one of our technicians can assist you.
No. You can create as many products and categories as you want, we do not place any limits on your store.